Hello, I am a technical and creative designer; available for consultation and employment using a broad range of my design skills and abilities.
As someone with a philosophical and imaginative mind, I am always looking for the next better, creative solution.  So I would be fascinated and highly driven by being given a new opportunity to work on a fresh project or design with someone different like you.
On a personal level; I think my close friends who know me well would describe me as a considerate, thoughtful and accountable person, with an interest for life and keeping things positive.
I enjoy travelling and visiting interesting places such as exhibitions, plus historic sites, etc. I would also consider myself to be relatively contemporary, engaging with the world’s news and events, with an active interest in most things modern such as the latest music, trends, fashions, plus current affairs. 
I like to socialise with good friends and family, as well as keep myself fit by regularly attending a gym!

My career to date encompasses many various roles that have brought me to a stage in my life where I can now afford to work with some fascinating and innovative design projects, (ones both 3D and 2D, tangible and computer based).
I started my working life as a helicopter maintenance (airframe and engine), technician. I qualified and later moved into commercial, fixed-wing aircraft maintenance with British Airways PLC. Whilst at British Airways, I also spent time in their Maintenance Planning department, managing and organising hanger and airside maintenance procedures.

Making a career change in 1998; I decided to combine my technical know-how and abilities with my inherently creative interests and talents. This I did by enrolling on a BSc. (Hons) Product Design degree at the Brighton University, where I graduated in 2002 with a year’s placement experience and first class honours.
After graduation, although I did get accepted for a Master’s degree at Brunel university, I decided to go for the offers of professional employment in industry.
Whilst in industry; I gained extensive experience working at various companies as a Product Design Engineer. I learnt and used many of the typical design and production processes to develop new products for the commercial market.

At my last company in industry, I also spent some of my time working with a local university that ran a BSc. Product Design degree. This was enjoyable and eventually led to me working there full-time. I have worked at the university until just recently.

I am currently available for new employment and I hope that by taking a look at some of the work and professional networks I have been involved with to date, you may want to contact me to enquire further.
Working together, we may create something rewarding.
I hope to talk soon, Mark.